After Hours Clinics

Greenwood Medical Centre has joined with 4 physicians on King St in order to extend our after hours availability.  Like our quick visit appointments, these spaces are usually reserved for acute illnesses not appropriate for the emergency room.  We strongly urge you to call so we can schedule you for an appropriate time in our evening clinics.

If you have an issue appropriate for our same day visits or an after hours appointment, please call your doctor's office first.  Ideally, your own physician will be able to see you or one of her alternates at her office.  If your physician and her alternates are
completely booked or it is after 5 PM on a weekday or any time on the weekend, you will need to call the clinic holding that day's after hours clinic directly.

It is not appropriate to bypass your own physician's office to go to an After Hours Clinic given that each physician strives to maintain open spots during the day in which to accommodate urgent issues.

Please see below for the schedule and maps.  Click on the item in the calendar to see direct contact numbers.

Covid-19 Announcement: 
During the Covid-19 measures, patients MUST call within the first hour of the after hours clinic.  Thank you

After Hours Clinics

Greenwood Medical Centre
804 John Marks Ave. K7K 0J7

804 John Marks Ave

273 King St East

273 King St E